About Lyle Vallie

I grew up mountain biking around Rossland, B.C. in the early 90s. I've since moved on to other disciplines including street BMX, track racing, touring and extreme urban utility riding. I try to be as car-lite as possible, and have ridden in cities such as Vancouver, Portland, San Fransisco, Austin, New York and London.

I firmly believe that the bicycle is not only the most efficient but also one of the most effective methods of human conveyance. There is little that cannot be done by bicycle.

I love a purpose-built bicycle, and I also love using bikes for other than their intended purposes. Some of the components and accessories I've wanted to use didn't exist for me to buy. So I'm making them.

I have a background in Electronic Engineering, but my previous job had me doing mechanical design as well. Rather than make things for an industry I don't like while dreaming about making bicycle parts, I'm going to make the parts to fuel my passion. My goal is to build simple parts that withstand daily use, and abuse. That's just how I ride.

Feel free to have a look through my Flickr stream, or email me using the contact form on this site.