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How to make an Ice Tire

This winter I'm battling the elements on the East coast. I had forgotten what real winters were like. Now that I'm properly acclimatized to the sub zero temperatures, I've decided to take a short mid winter vacation and go further North. I'm visiting Montreal QC in a couple weeks to compete in one of their annual bike events, La Coupe Des Glaces.

Around Manhattan, I'm fine running my 23mm slicks at 30psi less than normal (thats down to 90 from 120) or taking my mountain bike over the frozen tundra if its too deep to be navigable on slicks. I'm generally not riding around on a sheet of ice in Manhattan though.

La Coupe Des Glace calls for something a little more hardcore. Here I'll show you how to make a dedicated ice tire (or two!)

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How to replace your Cartridge Bearings

(This post was originally published on Projekt-B, and does not deal with Vallie Components Hubs)

In this post I'm going to detail the steps necessary to replace the cartridge bearings in your sealed hub. If you don't have sealed bearings, this doesn't apply to you.

How do you know if your cartridge bearings need replacement?

Well, for one, they will not spin as well and you will hear them. Secondly, they may develop side to side play even with the lock nuts tight. Thirdly, the seal may be wrecked, and they might be dribbling rust down your pretty high flange hub.

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